Maria Martins

Project: ‘Um Amor Gigante’

Part 2

Animating ‘Um Amor Gigante’ (2020)

‘Um Amor Gigante’ (translates into 'A Giant Love') is an animated short produced as an academic project for the 1st Year of the Master Degree in Computer Animation at the Catholic University of Porto.

The introduction to this project is in the page Project: 'Um Amor Gigante' Part 1. In this Part 2 section we will see the production of the 1st half of the original story into an animated short by exploring diverse techniques as classical animation, 2D, 3D and stop-motion.

Concept-Art – Some examples of character design and background sketches explored for the film.

Character Animation Exercise 1: Protagonist Walk Cycle

Character Animation Exercise 2

(Note: Soon the full animated short will be published here!)